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Bloomin' spring

Yesterday I planted the vegie patch. I'd bought the seedlings on Friday and didn't get a chance to do it, and I wanted the kids to "help" so I couldn't do it on the weekend whilst they were away. So after 3 days left in their pots without the benefit of garden-shop staff to tend them, they were very ready for planting. The tomatoes looked very sad - more like bits of wilted left-overs - but after just an hour or two in the soil they'd perked right up. :) Let's see, what do we have? Potato, strawberry, pea, pumpkin, cauliflower, corn, lettuce, celery and tomato. I also had to renew the basil in the herbal bed. I think that's it.

The weekend without the kids was good. I got heaps done, and what a blessing that there's a hard-waste collection this week! I hadn't known about that when we'd planned this weekend. I'd have liked to have gotten more done, but still I'm pretty pleased with what I did. Josh's room now has floor-space, and the scorching-hot-spots in my room have been cleared. Also a couple of tubs that were filled - like a year ago or more - when Rachel came and helped were finally cleared out. Most of it of course was easy to toss out. If it hadn't been touched in that long, it's not a necessary item. I've gotten rid of stuff into the rubbish bin, the hard-waste pile, the op-shop bins, and I've finally listed a couple of things on eBay that I've been meaning to do for ages. I still have a long way to go, but I feel about 10kg lighter already.

Speaking of feeling lighter; I am literally lighter too. This calorie-counting thing may make one obsessed with food, but it's doing its intended job.
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