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Maker of children
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Date:2009-03-25 21:04
Subject:Lewis Carroll reborn?
Mood: amused

Josh told me today he'd "already finished my lunch at last ... and now I'm not full". Ow, my aching brain.

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Date:2009-03-09 15:09
Mood: pissed off

We went to Moomba today. Well, we attempted it. We wrote our phone numbers down for the kids to carry, in case we got separated. Josh refused it. He has a tiger purse thingy that clips to his pants, but he wouldn't wear it. So we were going to write on his arm. Nope, still not good enough. He wanted to go to Moomba, but more than that he did not want any insurance in case he got lost. He said he just wouldn't get lost. So I took the stubborn little shit home. Jesara got to stay in with Nathan.

The train trip did nothing to calm me down. There was a group of kids who decided that they could speak as loudly and foully as they wanted, and screw the other passengers. Somebody decided that everybody would like to hear their music, even though it was seemingly the same few songs on rotation. It may have been the same loud kids, I couldn't tell. If it wasn't them, it was one of two people with headphones, and therefore I dread to think how loud it was for them. And then there was the woman who got on, chewing some sort of gum noisily with popping noises every few seconds.

I tell you, I wanted to rip a few throats out with my teeth. I want to scream loudly enough to shatter every piece of glass within a 5-kilometre range. But I content myself with pouring it all out here, and swearing like a trooper at everything that goes at all wrong, and slamming every door I need to close.


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Date:2009-02-21 23:03
Mood: aggravated

It's so annoying when the word "addicting" is used. Just because English is a living language doesn't mean we have to try to kill it.
It's so annoying when two cars are going 5k under the limit right next to each other, blocking traffic behind them. And dammit, I've seen it with three cars in three lanes. AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH. One of you, speed up a bit, or slow down a bit. Either way, I really don't care; just get the heck out of my way!!

I had a newsletter email from calorie count. In that one email were links to stories on how our body image is distorted into thinking fat is normal b/c of the obesity epidemic; and stories on how our body image is distorted into thinking model-skinny is normal b/c of images of underweight models being shoved in our faces all day long. My brain hurts.

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Date:2009-02-06 15:10
Mood: energetic

Josh and I had a lovely long walk along the beach today. We'd decided to take a bus and train ride, just b/c he loves bus and train rides. We got out as Aspendale to go to the beach there (which ps was incredibly beautiful). We splashed about a bit and started wandering north through the shallows. After a while I decided it would be a good plan to continue north and catch a train home from Mordialloc. You know, it's quite a long way between stations... Just looked on Google Maps, and it's 2.8km, then add more for darting this way and that, and experimenting with wet sand vs dry etc. And what a difference b/n walking along the shore and walking on the street. Josh is usually whining very quickly to be picked up b/c he's "full of walking" - but we got all the way to Mordy before he got tired! There was still a bit of walking to get to the actual train, but he did so well. I did get told off for calling it Mordy though - it's Mordy Alex apparently, LOL. We collected a lot of shells, and miraculously seem to have avoided sunburn; particularly miraculous considering we had neither hats nor sunscreen, not having planned a beach walk. It was supposed to have been all about the bus/train. And Josh was naked most of the walk, b/c he didn't like his clothes getting wet. :)

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Date:2009-01-07 11:44
Subject:Some thoughts

Christmas is over, the decorations put away, my Christmas Hatchlings pets released (except for a couple I want to keep) - but it's ok, I'm talking cyber pets here, not real...

I had one of those dreams last night, in which I'm trying to get somewhere and never managing it. I'm not a fan of those dreams, b/c don't they mean I'm searching for something in real life? Deborah and I were at the airport (damn, I had to stop and think of the real word, as I'm in the habit of calling it a plane station, LOL) and couldn't find the departures area. Then we had a look at our tickets and discovered our flight had been an hour previously (now this part I really don't like, in case it means I've missed the boat on something). We still had to search for somebody to talk to to get a new flight. And for some reason there was a new Disney theme park being opened that day, so we had to fight through crowds. And I was helping a woman get her pram up an escalator, which for some reason had a break in it (not as in broken, but as in not continous), and I had to jump with the pram. I had to scrabble for purchase a bit, so that was quite scary.

On my iGoogle page today was a quote: "'Thanks to TV and for the convenience of TV, you can only be one of two kinds of human beings, either a liberal or a conservative.' - Kurt Vonnegut"
Umm, I don't think television can be blamed for that. WS Gilbert noted such a phenomenon in "Iolanthe" - and Gilbert and Sullivan were kinda before the advent of TV.
"I always think it's comical (fal, lal, la! Fal, lal, la!)
How Nature always does contrive (fal, lal, la! Fal, lal, la!)
That ev'ry boy and ev'ry gal that's born into the world alive
Is either a little Liberal
Or else a little Conservative." - Private Willis

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Date:2008-12-25 22:09
Subject:40 Christmasses

So, today I celebrated my fortieth Christmas (are you kidding me?), and it never ceases to amaze me that it's a day, just a day like any other. It's never just "Thursday" - it's *Christmas*. I find it difficult to talk about "next week", or "next month". It's "after Christmas" or "next year". And yet minute follows minute; hour follows hour; and the day ends. There's no mist to step through to return to the real world. Strange.

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Date:2008-12-09 11:08
Subject:A hospital visit; and a bizarre list of things to do before I'm 40?

Having never had to deal with hospitals before (except for child-birth), nor with the death of pets, I've had to deal with each twice in the last two or three months. Deborah had her laproscopy in September; my cat Tiger-Lily died in October; yesterday Deborah's two guinea pigs died (and in another new experience, I dug a grave and buried them); and today Jesara had the cyst removed from her eye in a day procedure under general anaesthetic. These are not the types of thing one normally chooses to experience before a milestone birthday...

To make matters worse with the guinea pigs (Lemmywinks and Ambrosius Junior aka AmbroJo) - as if it wasn't bad enough - Deborah called her friend to offer her the bag of hay she'd just bought, if she could use it for her rabbit Mr Hoppity. Well, Mr Hoppity had just been savaged by a dog, and had also died! What was going on yesterday? We were very happy to see Butterfly (our cat) had survived the day's carnage.

Jesara's doing well post-op, and will soon be plopping herself on the couch all day to watch DVDs as an important part of her recovery.

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Date:2008-12-06 23:34
Mood: amused

This is a photo I didn't take of the receptionist at the eye doctor, holding the referral letter at arm's length so she could read it properly.

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Date:2008-11-07 16:29
Subject:Hope springs eternal
Mood: frustrated

The kids and I had two go-sees this week for possible ads - when it rains it pours, hey? Anyway, the little ... darlings took it in turns to be painfully shy, so we probably won't get either job. Sigh. Not even the promise of allowing them to buy themselves a scooter each and a new swing set was enough to convince them to be brave. Jess was "too shy" to hug Josh, or to spin around to show off her dress on Wednesday; then this morning Josh thought a request for a pic was quite scary. Still, I can hope the clients will think the kids are perfect...

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Date:2008-10-07 16:01
Subject:Goodbye, pretty kitty cat
Mood: sad

My cat Tiger Lily, was put down today. She was eleven years old, and this is the first time she's been unwell. She spent all Thursday sleeping on my bed, then when Nathan put her off it when it was our bedtime, he noticed her back legs were not holding her up. He put her on the couch, and she stayed there overnight. I actually ended up "sleeping" on the couch with her, partly b/c I was worried. I didn't get much sleep b/c of the way she always tried to merge with me when we were cuddling, and her very loud purr. The next day I made a cozy nest for her out in the garage after she peed a couple of times; I figured that when cats are ill they like to hide away to heal anyway.

So there was no improvement over the weekend. Today I booked a vet visit, and were able to get in basically straight away. When I picked her up to put her into the box, I noticed her eyes were all gunky, then when I looked closer, they looked all milky white.

The vet said she had a lump in her belly the size of a golf-ball; that coupled with the blindness probably meant lymphoma, and that steroids wouldn't do much to help. He suggested putting her down; I had already prepared myself for the possibility. Thank heaven Nathan was working from home today so he could come with us. He wasn't going to, but when Tiger tried to climb out of the box when it was in the car, I asked him to drive so I could have her on my lap. Also, he was able to take Josh out of the surgery so I could stay with Tiger in her last moments. My hands were shaking so much when I was signing the form.

I found Tiger Lily on New Year's Day 1998 in my backyard, this so pretty kitten, white and gray, a colouring I'd never seen before. She'd been tossed over the fence by a neighbour's kid. Another neighbour told me who she belonged to, and she said she'd go and let them know I had their cat. Well, they didn't appear until the next day, by which time it was too late - Tiger Lily had stolen my heart. I'd already given her a name and had booked her in to the vet for her shots, so I lied and said she'd gone. They said her name was Lily! How's that? I've always said she and I had a special bond. I knew her sex and age (3 months) before the vet confirmed it, and I also knew her name. (And no, she wasn't named after Tiger Lily Hutchence - she was named after the Indian Princess in Peter Pan.)

A couple of months later the neighbours cut open our flywire and took Tiger Lily away. As we arrived home that evening, we saw the girls walking by, holding something, and we made some joke about them having burgled our house. Then we heard a car leaving their property. About a week later we heard them nailing a board over their broken window, and we figured they were bringing her back from whereever they'd spirited her away to; I felt confident we'd have her back soon, b/c I knew these people would never have the self-control to be able to keep her indoors. Lo and behold, a couple of days later I was opening a tin when in through the back door walked a very dirty and hungry flea-ridden kitten.

She chose me.

I allowed her plenty of opportunity to go back to them if that's what she wanted, but evidently she did not. So for eleven years Tiger Lily has been my cat, and I have been her human. I know full well I was her favourite person in the world, and I loved her. The suddenness of her illness has been both a shock and a blessing - she didn't suffer much.

This video was taken only a month ago: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=SHVRwB8Mqvw

Princess Tiger Lily Bad-Ass Jones (she was called Jones before I ever knew Nathan!)
October 1997 - October 2008

Some songs we used to sing to her:
"Tiger Lily, Tiger Lily, tiny little thing; Tiger Lily dance; Tiger Lily sing. Tiger Lily, what's the difference if you're very small? When your heart is full of love you're nine feet tall."
"Ti-iiii-ger Lilyyyy, I remember yoooo-uuuu. Every time I hear this song, Tiger Lily roll along, until the end of time."

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Date:2008-09-20 20:10
Subject:Breaking the Code

Went and saw Breaking the Code yesterday at Mordialloc Theatre Company. Went to see Matt, and found an old friend in it as well (Steve Shinkfield). We really enjoyed it, all of us. It was a drama, but there were plenty of funny moments - not sure I always laugh that much in a comedy. The sherry beforehand may have broken down some of my inhibitions, though, so that I was able to laugh aloud when I'd normally laugh inside (where it counts). ;) Just one sherry, but my intolerance is both the cause of and caused by the rareness of my imbibing.

Steve played Alan Turing, who according to the programme was incredibly important in the shaping of the modern world. He was a decoder in the war, breaking German ciphers; he was a pioneer in computers; a mathematical biologist. Pity Steve, who was on stage almost without break, and whose dialogue went largely over my head whenever it went technical. Imagine trying to learn that stuff! One character was Greek, speaking only Greek, so the actor had to learn lines in a foreign language. Steve's dialogue was no less foreign in many places. But he did it so well! And Alan has a stammer, which was not over-played at all.

Matt played a cop, and he tried to tell us his role was small and not to bother coming. I'm glad we didn't listen, not only b/c his role was rather bigger than he'd implied, but also b/c we would have missed out on a real treat of a play. I find it so hard to believe that Matt has only done a handful of stageplays.

Another actor I particularly enjoyed was Max Rackham. His timing was perfect, and made for lots of comedic moments, but he was well able to bring some serious moments to the table too.

On a totally unrelated note, I have to remember to avoid places such as Chadstone Shopping Centre on a Saturday. I'm sure that frown I get when I go there on busy days can't be good for my face!

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Date:2008-09-15 20:52
Subject:Eye candy - gone
Mood: disappointed

So, Jonny's out of Idol. *pout* Could have done with a good solid hair-washing (I'd have bathed him!) and some advice re clothing, but the boy was cute under that hair, and he could sing.

*edit* Oh yeah, he could also do with learning how to perform. But still ... nooooooo!

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Date:2008-08-21 16:20
Mood: pissed off

Funny the difference somebody's attitude can make. So I'm doing this huge filming/editing job as a favour for a friend. Yes, I knew what I was getting into, and yes I'm getting $500 for it. However, that's about a quarter of what I think the job's worth at the low end of my estimation, so I consider it a favour rather than a job as such. However, this friend seems to think it gives her the right to order me about.

It's for her school's stage production. I filmed five video film clips to play during the show, and used that footage to make a sixth film clip plus two fun clips for the DVDs the teachers are getting. Already a pretty big job. Then I filmed most rehearsals during Hell Week, though with kids out of costume, or not there, or still using scripts, that footage isn't of much use. The main purpose is to get a feel for the show. All well and good. Then the first weekend I filmed Act One of the Friday matinee (couldn't do Act Two as I had to get Josh from kindy - oh yeah, the poor kid was with me for most of the rehearsal filming, so that didn't make life easier either); and I filmed the Friday and Saturday night performances. PS, it's a very long show - four hours including interval. Act One alone is two hours.

Fine so far. I had expected this. However, the DVD night and sleepover is only six nights after final night, so I decided I'd do better to not film the second (the last) weekend and use the footage from the 2.5 performances I did film so that I could have it ready in time. Though I'm going to the final performance to film the thank you speeches which apparently interest the kids enough to include. At least I won't have too much work to do before I can start the compression for the second DVD (it'll have to go on two DVDs, b/c otherwise I'll have to compress too much and lose too much quality).

Apparently that's not good enough. She's not happy with the way the play's gone so far, and doesn't trust that I'll be able to get enough good footage from the 2.5 performances to get one good one. And this is what pisses me off. Especially when she tried to throw the payment in my face as a guilt trip to get me to do what she says. (Doesn't work, princess, when it's a symbolic gesture rather than a real payment. And don't try to say the kids will be disappointed when it's all about you.)

And so the job that was difficult, and time-consuming, but almost bearable goes from a favour to a chore because of her attitude.

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Date:2008-08-21 10:34
Subject:The survival techniques of children
Mood: loved

Sometimes, when the kids are being particularly annoying, I wonder how children ever make it into adulthood. And then they go and do something that just melts my heart. Yesterday I was having a meltdown over a job I'm doing - doing as a *favour* to a friend, no matter how much she may think that tossing a few dollars my way gives her dominion over my time - and Josh came up and cuddled me, telling me "it's ok, I'll look after you". Of course, it only made me weep all the harder, but in a good way this time. :)

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Date:2008-08-06 13:09
Subject:The Titzling dilemma
Mood: bitchy

So I was at an underwear store today, one that supposedly prides itself on being able to fit anybody (or at least it used to), and out of the whole store, there were only two stands that claimed to have D, DD and E sizes! We're the ones who most need a bra, and yet they're so dang hard to find! And rarely are they pretty. *pout* Oh well, I suppose those with not much to show off kinda do need the prettier bra to make their boobies more attractive...

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Date:2008-07-04 08:50
Subject:Who needs words?
Mood: amused

I was petting my cat the other day, and I was about to stop when he gently took my finger between his teeth and pulled my hand back toward him, then started rubbing his face against it. The message was pretty clear. :)

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Date:2008-06-28 14:48
Subject:Could it be any cuter?

Test-drove a Nissan Micra today. How bleedin' cute is it? And not as cramped as I'd expected it to be. I used to own a Festiva, so I know small cars are bigger than they appear, but this one does look even smaller than the Festie. But the kids' legs would fit in the back seat there for many a long year yet - heck, *my* cows ... I mean calves ... were able to fit. Not many particularly nice colours, b/c apparently women like wussy little pastel numbers instead of the pretty jewel colours I prefer. But there is a nice garnet. Not metallic though, so I'd have to see it in the flesh to see whether it lives up to the brochure pic. Interestingly, the driver's sun-visor has a mirror, but not the passenger's. Sure, a woman's more likely to be actually driving the thing, but does that mean a man's more likely to be the passenger? What about girls' nights out? How is my friend meant to do her makeup with no mirror on her sun-visor? :P

Niggles aside, I really do like it. Hopefully one day soon I can afford to downsize to a small car, b/c the Micra's in my sights. I covet.

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Date:2008-06-28 11:00
Subject:Early to bed

Just means too early to rise. I don't feel particularly healthy, wealthy or wise now, come late morning.

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Date:2008-06-15 21:16
Subject:Gonna hurt tomorrow!
Mood: tired

Today we rode our bikes along EastLink for the open day. At least we were smart enough to choose the 10km family ride over the 30km "fun" ride option or the 65km challenge. I think we did about 16km all up by the time we rode from the car to the official start of the ride (and back). The trailer makes a huge difference - I am so thankful that Nathan did most of the hauling of that precious piece of equipment. Oy. Especially as of course both kids were in it, not just Josh. But without the trailer? A breeze. Well, until the end when my energy was on its last reserves.

Then after that we went out to Hartwell for a rehearsed reading of The Ordinary Princess. I started the adaptation from the book, then handed it over to the OP committee to add to and to "Hartwellise". Six hours - four to rehearse and two for "performance". Even in such circumstances, having an audience makes a difference and adds to the proceedings. I read the mother of the titular princess, Queen Rodehesia. Quite fun, b/c I got to faint, and to have a tantrum, throwing myself prone and beating my fists on the floor. Josh wouldn't leave me alone though. I decided he was like Titania's little Indian boy. And when the Queen was crying, or screaming, or flailing her fists about, he as very worried. Cute. Now, the big question is ... if I audition for this role, will Hartwell continue in their policy of not casting me, or have they at last seen what I can do? ;)

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Date:2008-04-23 22:01

Got paid today for Knowing (a bit more than expected too, so huzzah on that), and it comes in good time. My favourite jeans are starting to look silly-big on me, so mama really needs a new pair. Let's just say that I can pull them off now without undoing them. This is excellent though, b/c I was feeling a little discouraged in my self-reduction, but it's obviously going better than I can see. :)

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